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TrioCom Announces a Wide Selection of Mobile Computer Desks and Stands

January 30, 2013 CompanyMobile Computing

Uppgroup PR – Wednesday, Jan 30th, 2013 Uppgroup Inc - TrioCom introduces a huge selection of mobile computer desks and stands. Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release.

Uppgroup Inc - TrioCom ( has recently introduced their huge selection of automobile laptop holders. All advanced truck laptop desks by TrioCom are listed in this collection.

One of the TrioCom mobile computing products is the TrioCom Mongoose Vehicle Laptop Computer Mount. With this computer cradle, it is a smart combination of a highly effective theft prevention system along with an ergonomic structure which will make mobile computing a productive one.  The Mongoose computer mount is considered the most advanced laptop mount that is equipped with a locking mechanism. It is

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Rock Solid Solution Announces Its Newest Advanced Automobile Computer Desks

January 29, 2013 CompanyMobile Computing

truck laptop desksUppgroup PR – Tuesday, Jan 29th, 2013
Uppgroup Inc - Rock Solid Solution announces different advanced computer mounts for automobile.
Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release

Uppgroup Inc - Rock Solid Solution ( has recently announced they successfully produced various new advanced automobile computer desks. These computer mount types are added to the long list of innovative laptop holders by Rock Solid Solution. The Rock Solid Solutions for Canadian Consumers is
Sara Danes, customer relations manager had this to say about the new product: "The automobile computer desks by Rock Solid Solution is the best option for those who are looking for the ideal laptop

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Pro Desks Announces The New Computer Truck Mount Products Section

January 25, 2013 CompanyMobile Computing

Pro Desks PR – Friday, Jan 24th, 2013 Pro Desks announced they have updated the latest models of computer truck mount products on the site. Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release.

Pro Desks - Uppgroup Inc. specialize in manufacturing and marketing laptop holders for trucks, cars, Police and EMS vehicles, and commercial and personal vehicles in general. They recently announced they have updated the web page which lists all their computer truck mount products. Their laptop desk products can be found at this page From this page, visitors can easily navigate to the laptop mount product they are interested in.

Pro Desks is the leading provider in mobile laptop desk product and sales. They have produced many advanced

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Pro Desks Announces A New Ideal Mobile Computing Desk For Ford 150, The Navigator

January 23, 2013 CompanyMobile Computing

Uppgroup PR – Wednesday, Jan 23th, 2013
Uppgroup Inc. announces its new ideal laptop desk, the Navigator; this new desk is designed to perfectly fit any F150 truck.
Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release

Pro Desks - Uppgroup Inc. annouced they had successfully created an innovative mobile computing product, the Navigator laptop desk for Ford F150. Being referred to as an advanced laptop mounting solution produced by Pro Desks, the Navigator F150 is the ideal laptop desk that can accommodate all sizes of laptops, notebooks and tablets.

Depending on the laptop or notebook that the user is using, the Pro Desk Navigator for F150 will surely make work on-the-go a lot easier and free from any hassle. The laptop desk can swivel

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Pro Desks Announces Its Latest Laptop Truck Desk, The Dominator For Ford F150

January 18, 2013 Company

Uppgroup PR – Friday, Jan 18, 2013 Uppgroup Inc. announces the Dominator locking laptop desk to fit F150. Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release.

Pro Desks - Uppgroup Inc. has recently announced its newest mobile computing product, the Dominator Ford F150 laptop mount. This product is considered to be one of the most advanced locking laptop truck desks that are produced by Pro-Desks. This laptop desk is compatible and securely fits with the Ford F150 trucks.

The laptop desk was redesigned right from the bolt up of the seat in order to enhance the sturdiness, adds functionality, improves the stability as well as additional user features such as for printers and can accommodate laptops that have widescreens. The Dominator Locking laptop desk is also equipped with

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Tough Desk Announces The ARC 360TD Ultra. The Mobile Desk Of Choice Among Contractors

January 10, 2013 CompanyMobile Computing

Tough Desk announces it's top of the line mobile computing desk the ARC 360TD Ultra. has all the details on this new model, as well as full ecommerce capability and online order fulfillment.

For contractors who want to bring their transactions wherever they go, the ARC 360TD Ultra is the ideal option for those who are considering using a laptop truck desk. With a laptop mount desk, it can provide the ideal spot for any computer as well as save space in the cab.
Ed Loseth, Customer Relations Manager had this to say: "Some of the most visible advantages of using the ARC 360TD Ultra are: it is suitable for trucks of all sizes; it also helps to prevent thieves from stealing your laptop. The superior security locking top and the upper post are

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Carl Stepp Launches New Website For Sylvan Lake House Guy

January 6, 2013 Company

Carl Stepp PR – Tue, Nov 28, 2012 Carl Stepp announces the launch of a new website for Sylvan Lake Real Estate Listings.

Carl Stepp announced the launch of a new website for Sylvan Lake House Guy  Carl Stepp began working in September with Uppgroup Inc. to develop his web presence in the central Alberta region.  Uppgroup Inc. streamlined the process for clients to find Carl Stepp’s real estate listing by positioning the new site.

Carl Stepp’s new realty website, Sylvan Lake House Guy, is designed to be better accommodating for potential buyers to find the great listings Carl has to sell.  The Sylvan Lake House Guy website showcases the outstanding listings in the Sylvan Lake area. The Sylvan Lake House Guy allows clients to search

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