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Pro Desks UK Announces New Rolling Medical Laptop Carts With Storage

April 27, 2015 Mobile Computing

rolling medical laptop cartsPro Desks, a leading online laptop desk provider, today announces the launch of their rolling medical laptop carts with storage for UK market. Wheeled laptop carts, or rolling laptop carts are regularly found in hospital and emergency medical office.

Rolling medical laptop carts can be seen everywhere but mostly in schools, offices, hospital, church, warehouses or conference room. Rolling medical laptop desks are believed to improve work productivity of medical professionals who use it. Medical professionals use rolling laptop carts to keep the patients' medical records in a quick and simple way. The locking feature of rolling laptop carts prevents any quick laptop theft.

Pro Desks announce two medical laptop desks: the Regular and the Deluxe version.
The desks have ergonomic

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Pro Desks Announces Release Of New Law Enforcement Desk Fitting The New 2015 Ford Expedition

April 22, 2015 AutomotiveCompanyMobile Computing

2015 ford expedition suv laptop mountPro Desks, a leader in law enforcement desk manufacturing, today announced the release of its new Mongoose model, a perfect fit for the 2015 Ford Expedition.

The Mongoose, which also fits all 2007-2015 Expedition models, features a nearly-invincible adjustable arm, with multiple swivel points and a low-profile design, making it not just the toughest vehicle desk on the market, but also one of the best designed models in existence. With the Mongoose 2015 Ford Expedition SUV laptop desk, law enforcement officials can work quickly and efficiently on their laptop or mobile hardware without sacrificing too much room in the vehicle, and without worrying about breaking the unit.

The Mongoose’s slide action arm allows for nine full inches of travel, and is rotatable for a full 360 degrees

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Pro Desks Announces the New Mongoose Laptop Truck Desk for the Ford 2015 All Aluminum Body Trucks

April 1, 2015 AutomotiveCompanyMobile Computing

2015 F150 laptop truck deskWednesday, 01 April, 2015 - Pro Desks the leading truck laptop desk supplier has just announced that the brand new aluminum body Ford F 150 for the 2015 will have its best desk available, the Mongoose.

This new laptop truck desk by Pro Desks is on the leading edge of technology and mobile computing with an advanced custom designed base plate that fits the all new seat rail patterns of the new F 150. The Mongoose currently is the only mobile computing desk available to bolt into the new Fords with no modifications.

Mobile computing has just become much easier with the new Mongoose. This truck desk features height adjustability, it has a fully rotational pedestal, with the new gear lock mechanism with 15 degree adjustments. This new gear rotational device is the best in the industry,

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