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Pro Desks Announces Featured Mobile Computing Solutions

May 25, 2015 Mobile Computing

ford f150 laptop desksPro Desks, a mobile computing solution provider located in North America, today proudly announces their May's featured mobile computing solutions.

Mobile computing means something very different to what it once meant. The history of mobile computing originates from when computers were once very large and expensive pieces of equipment. As they became smaller and more cost effective to produce, the era of mobile computing began and this saw the arrival of the laptop and the ability to work in different locations using the same computer.

Today with the advent of cloud computing technologies most businesses have the ability to provide application access to their staff wherever they are in the world using a combination of software defined service delivery models and mobile computing

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Pro Desks Launches Laptop Car Mount For 2015 Toyota Prius

May 22, 2015 Mobile Computing

2015 toyota prius car laptop deskPro Desks has launched its new laptop stand for 2015 Toyota Prius. The Navigator makes operating the laptop in the car comfortable. The product comes with many additional and unique features. Customers can purchase the product online at affordable price.

‘Pro Desks,’ a renowned company when it comes to providing quality desks launched a new laptop car mount named ‘Navigator’ in a small press meet here today. The product is specially designed for 2015 Toyota Prius. Navigator helps working on laptop comfortably, while in a car.

Speaking to the media, a representative of the company said, “We are glad to launch a new laptop mount, the Navigator. It is really useful tool for the people who work on laptop in their car. We have included many features that make the product an ultimate

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Pro Desks Announces The New And Improved Rolling Pro II

May 12, 2015 Mobile Computing

rolling medical laptop cartsGrand Forks, British Columbia - May 12, 2015 – In today’s technology world, laptops seem to be getting less durable, but more effective and efficient – that doesn’t help when your equipment falls and breaks. Now imagine a stable, durable and mobile pedestal that allows you to be flexible in your work environment and keep your laptop free from falling to the ground.

Pro Desks has recently upgraded their Rolling Pro II medical laptop cart with the following features:

New 5” premium TPR casters don’t mark floors or disintegrate from high chemical applications.
A wider and more versatile base which provides an unwavering computing pedestal system.
The adjustable tilt mechanism is now stronger yet still easy to maneuver into position.
The foot actuated gas

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Pro Desks Announces New Rolling Computer Desks

May 11, 2015 Mobile Computing

rolling computer deskPro Desks, a leading laptop desk provider in North America, today announces the launch of RollaDesks rolling laptop carts specifically designed to be used in medical fields.

Two versions of the RollaDesks were introduced to the market: the Regular and the Deluxe. The RollaDesks are laptop desks with wheels. The Deluxe version has an additional tapered filing basket.

People working in dentist offices, chiropractic offices, warehouses and repairs shops are the target customers of RollaDesks producer. With a wheeled pedestal, sort of like a rolling computer station; they can increase their efficiency and be accessible to patients or other customers.

With features similar to a presentation desk, this versatile piece of equipment can also be thought of as a short-term work station.

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Pro Desks Announces The Enforcer II Truck Laptop Mount For Ford F150 Series

May 8, 2015 Mobile Computing

ford f150 laptop desksPro Desks, a leading truck laptop desk provider in North America, today announces the new Enforcer II truck laptop desk specially designed for Ford F150 series.

The Enforcer II laptop holder for Ford F150 was built to fit all lap tops with 17" screens and comes equipped with a strong articulating arm which enables you to turn swivel, tilt, and turn it, so that you can adjust the position of your keyboard exactly where you like it and work on your laptop from either side of your vehicle. Users will appreciate the interchangeable base plate that allows transferring the Ford F150 Series Enforcer II laptop desk laptop to any vehicle possible. The sturdy design of this laptop desk was built for the use of commercial jobs, such as  law enforcement, Police cars and Patrol car

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