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Pro Desks Announced New Mongoose Laptop Desk For Ford Flex 2015 SUVs

June 23, 2015 Mobile Computing

ford flex 2015 SUV laptop desksTuesday, June 23, 2015 - Pro Desks, a division of Uppgroup Inc., today announces their complete Mongoose SUV laptop desk specifically designed to fit Ford Flex 2015.

Mongoose Ford Flex 2015 SUV laptop desk was manufactured in the US. The product is made of heavy gauge steel with black powdercoat finish. An all-aluminum top is the highlight of the product. This Mongoose version features a custom built base plate which is especially designed to completely fit any Ford Flex 2015 SUVs.

Mongoose Ford Flex 2015 SUV laptop desk features an adjustable desktop and a unique slide action arm with 9" inches of travel, and a full 360 degree rotational pedestal arm which houses the slide, and a full rotational desktop, with pivoting capabilities, that can expand to fit laptops with wide screens.

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Uppgroup Announces New Kamia Kennels Website For Showcasing Norwegian Elkhounds Dogs

June 18, 2015 Company

kamia kennelsUppgroup Inc announces the launch of new Kamia Kennels website in a small press today. The new website focuses on providing training tips, information, photos and videos of the Norwegian Elkhounds.

Kamia Kennels, a division of Uppgroup Inc, is a company truly devoted to the advancement of the Elkhound. This British Columbia based company are dedicated to the breeding, care and promotion of the Norwegian Elkhounds dog breeds. The company recently offer to open up their facility to visitors. Kamia Kennels are a group of responsible breeders who are devoted to the continuation and improvement of the breed. The company are confident in the condition in which their animals are kept and the health of both their breeding dogs and puppies.
Merv Carlson, Kamia Kennels - Uppgroup President, had

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Pro Desks Announces New Navigator Laptop Desk For Nissan Titan Truck (2004-2013)

June 14, 2015 Mobile Computing

nissan titan truck laptop desksPro Desks recently added Navigator to their Nissan Titan truck laptop desk product line, bringing the total number of desk models for Nissan Titan trucks to four.

Navigator truck laptop desk features a desktop cradle with a raised front lip and two rear pressure bracket, making the desktop totally adjustable to fit any laptop sizes. The desktop can swivel front to back, allowing users to find the right keyboard position to work on.

Navigator for Nissan Titan trucks is a silent laptop mounting system. It operates smoothly and causes no noises, no rattles. The base is custom built to fit each vehicle year, make and model. The base does not drill to the floor. The four shock pads on the desktop raise the laptop a few inches, allowing passive cooling and preventing shocks from damaging

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Pro Desks Launches New Van Laptop Desk For Ford Econoline

June 13, 2015 Mobile Computing

ford econoline van laptop deskPro Desks, a leading vehicle laptop desk provider in North America, today launches a new laptop desk model for Ford Econoline vans, the Dominator.

The new Dominator was added, bringing the total number of Pro Desks laptop desk models specifically designed for Ford Econoline vans to five.

The Dominator no drill laptop mount for the ford Econoline van features a high security locking top and upper post. The locking feature was included for theft prevention purpose. The desktop can be adjustable to fit different laptop sizes. The strong articulating arm of the mounting system allows users to turn the desktop from side to side. The height adjustable main rod makes it possible to bring the desktop up or dow. This allows users to find the right laptop position to work on.

The four

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Pro Desks Launches LH-Renegade Laptop Desk For Semi-Trucks

June 12, 2015 Mobile Computing

semi truck laptop desksPro Desks announces the launch of LH-Renegade in a small press meet today. LH-Renegade is a new laptop desk specifically designed to fit semi-trucks.

LH-Renegade has a professional look, ergonomic design with sleek finishing. The product belongs to the rare laptop desks on the market which have locking adjustable aluminum top. The laptop desk bolts into the passenger side seat rails using a custom designed base plate. each side clip and front and rear clips of the desktop are adjustable to fit any laptop sizes.

LH-Renegade semi truck laptop mount includes five main parts: a vehicle base, a quick-adjustable upper pole, a clevis tilt/swivel motion attachment, a long support brace all made of heavy gauge steel and an all aluminum top.

The base of this new semi-truck laptop desk is

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Pro Desks Announces Mongoose SUV Laptop Desk For Ford Escape 2013 – 2015

June 9, 2015 Mobile Computing

ford escape 2015 suv laptop deskPro Desks, a leading vehicle laptop desk provider located in North America, launched new SUV laptop desk specifically designed to be used in any Ford Escape model 2013 - 2015.

The Mongoose SUV laptop desk impresses users with its professional design with sleek finishing. The 360 degree rotating pedestal arm holding the slide allows it to accommodate even the 17 inch laptops. The laptop mounting system can be installed into the Ford Escape SUV without the need to drill the vehicle floor. The Mongoose base plate is specifically designed to fit any Ford Escape SUV 2013 - 2015. The base plate is interchangeable, allowing users to reuse the system even when they change their vehicle model. The desktop is made of quality aluminum and also features four shocking pads to protect the laptop

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Uppgroup Inc. Announces Advanced Real Estate Marketing Service For Realtors

June 2, 2015 Real Estate

uppgroup real estate marketing services for realtorsUppgroup Inc., an advanced online marketing firm located in North America, today announces the launch of their advanced marketing services specially built for real estate agents.

Uppgroup is an advanced online marketing firm with more than 15 years of experience in real estate marketing business. Uppgroup has been assisting the realtors in Canada to build their brands, advertise and boost their listing sales online. With 15 years of experience in real estate marketing, Uppgroup today confidently announces their four promoting packages built for real estate agents.
Merv Carlson, Uppgroup President, had this to say about the company new service: Our new real estate marketing services target real estate agents who have no time or resources to do the marketing themselves. Realtors when

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