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Kamia Kennels is Proud to Announce a New Planned Litter of Swedish Elkhounds this Spring 2016

March 31, 2016 CompanyNorwegian Elkhounds

swedish elkhoundKamia Kennels is the premier breeder in Canada for Swedish and Norwegian Elkhounds.

Kamia Kennels is the premier breeder in Canada for Swedish and Norwegian Elkhounds. As Canada’s only breeder of Swedish Elkhounds, this new planned litter is very exciting. Rico, a big young Jamthund will make a perfect mate for Kalia, a stunning big Swedish female at Kamia Kennels.

Rico is a full Jamthund male that was born in Finland. He has a heritage that dates back to the earliest of times with the Elkhound. Rico is an awesome hunting dog. He has all the best that can be found in ancient Jamthund dogs. He is calm, steady, easy going and has a ton of stamina. Put him into the bush and you'll be impressed at his incredible hunting skills. He is an extremely good male, a perfect mate for Kalia.

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Norwegian Elkhounds And Kamia Kennels

March 16, 2016 Norwegian Elkhounds

Norwegian Elkhounds - Kamia Kennels

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Uppgroup Inc. Announces New Mobile Friendly Website for Trampoline World Ltd.

March 11, 2016 Trampolines

Trampoline WorldUppgroup Inc. has been involved for years with Trampoline World Ltd.; they have just announced a brand new website for Jumping Trampoline. Uppgroup Inc. is responsible for building, hosting and promoting the website.

Trampoline World Ltd., an authorized distributor of the Super-Fun Trampolines,  is a family-owned and managed business based in Red Deer, Alberta. Trampolining is a great way to exercise, entertain friends and cut down weight for all age groups. Trampoline World Ltd. offers Family series and Extreme series.

The new website showcases all trampolining products that Trampoline World Ltd. provides. All the products are ideally presented along with the features and prices to make it hassle-free for the visitors to find the product they need.

Improved features you’ll love

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