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Pro Desks Introduces New Mongoose SUV Laptop Desk For Ford Explorer 2013 – 2015

October 19, 2015 AutomotiveMobile Computing

suv laptop deskPro Desks today announces the release of Mongoose laptop desk designed to fit Ford Explorer SUV year model 2013 - 2015.

Pro Desks, a leading vehicle laptop desk provider located in North America, has just launched Mongoose - a new SUV laptop desk specifically designed to be used in any Ford Explorer year model 2013 - 2015.

Mongoose for Ford Explorer 2013 - 2015 SUV laptop desk has a modern look with sleek finishing. The 360 degree rotating pedestal arm holding the slide allows it to accommodate even the 17 inch laptops. The laptop mounting system can be installed into the Ford Explorer SUV without the need to drill the vehicle floor. The Mongoose base plate is specifically designed to fit any Ford Explorer SUV year model 2013 - 2015. The base plate is custom built, allowing users to

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Pro Desks Announces New Laptop Mounts For Ford Expedition SUVs

October 18, 2015 AutomotiveMobile Computing

suv laptop mountPro Desks has just added Dominator and Enforcer II models to their Ford Expedition SUV laptop desk product line, bringing the total number of laptop desk models for Ford Expedition SUVs to four.

Pro Desks, with over 12 years of experience providing vehicle laptop desks worldwide, is now proud to introduce the release of two new laptop mounts specifically built for Ford Expedition SUVs. The two new Ford Expedition SUV laptop desks are now available for purchase on all Pro Desks online stores. The new Dominator and Enforcer II were especially built with features of Ford Expedition SUVs in mind.

"Ford Expedition SUV owners have been looking for efficient, durable, affordable laptop stands and today we've responded by launching our two new modern laptop mount models specifically

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Uppgroup Inc Announces New Mobile Friendly Website For Pro Desks

October 12, 2015 AutomotiveMobile Computing

prodesks websiteUppgroup Inc. today announces a new revamped website specifically designed for its sub-division, Pro Desks.

Pro Desks specializes in providing quality laptop vehicle laptop mounts and rolling laptop desks worldwide. Pro Desks own different online stores and these stores are built and updated on a regular basis by its parent company, Uppgroup Inc.

The US store has recently been redesigned to bring a new clean, simpler look to users while the content remains the same high quality. The site now has a brand new interface which is more mobile-friendly than the old version. The company has made the site mobile-friendly to catch up the trend of customers using mobile devices for online shopping.

With this revamped website, Pro Desks aims to:
•  provide a more user-friendly

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Pro Desks Announces Release Of New Law Enforcement Desk Fitting The New 2015 Ford Expedition

April 22, 2015 AutomotiveCompanyMobile Computing

2015 ford expedition suv laptop mountPro Desks, a leader in law enforcement desk manufacturing, today announced the release of its new Mongoose model, a perfect fit for the 2015 Ford Expedition.

The Mongoose, which also fits all 2007-2015 Expedition models, features a nearly-invincible adjustable arm, with multiple swivel points and a low-profile design, making it not just the toughest vehicle desk on the market, but also one of the best designed models in existence. With the Mongoose 2015 Ford Expedition SUV laptop desk, law enforcement officials can work quickly and efficiently on their laptop or mobile hardware without sacrificing too much room in the vehicle, and without worrying about breaking the unit.

The Mongoose’s slide action arm allows for nine full inches of travel, and is rotatable for a full 360 degrees

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Pro Desks Announces the New Mongoose Laptop Truck Desk for the Ford 2015 All Aluminum Body Trucks

April 1, 2015 AutomotiveCompanyMobile Computing

2015 F150 laptop truck deskWednesday, 01 April, 2015 - Pro Desks the leading truck laptop desk supplier has just announced that the brand new aluminum body Ford F 150 for the 2015 will have its best desk available, the Mongoose.

This new laptop truck desk by Pro Desks is on the leading edge of technology and mobile computing with an advanced custom designed base plate that fits the all new seat rail patterns of the new F 150. The Mongoose currently is the only mobile computing desk available to bolt into the new Fords with no modifications.

Mobile computing has just become much easier with the new Mongoose. This truck desk features height adjustability, it has a fully rotational pedestal, with the new gear lock mechanism with 15 degree adjustments. This new gear rotational device is the best in the industry,

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Alberta European Motor Works (AEMW) Announces New Repair Maintenance Services For Lotus Auto

November 1, 2014 Automotive

lotus repair speacialistsNovember, 2014 - Alberta European Motor Works (AEMW), an auto service provider located in Red Deer, Alberta, today announces the new repair and maintenance service for Lotus autos.

Alberta European Motor Works (AEMW) is a team of european repair specialists located in Red Deer, Alberta. The shop has recently announced their repair and maintenance service for Lotus of all models.

AEMW is proud of owning the best auto repair specialists in the region. This auto service shop provides comprehensive repair, maintenance, diagnostics and electronics for virtually all European auto models. AEMW has been the primary choice of local European auto owners whenever their auto breaks down or need a preventative maintenance.

Recently AEMW announces the new service for the Lotus. Lotus owners in

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Alberta European Motor Works (AEMW) Announces New Repair Service For Maserati

October 14, 2014 Advanced MarketingAutomotive

Maserati auto repair serviceAlberta European Motor Works (AEMW), an auto service center located in Red Deer, Alberta, today announces new service for Maserati autos. The new repair and maintenance service is for every Maserati models, including the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale.
AEMW owner, also the master technician, Jerry Pasman, had this to say about the new service for Maserati models: “We are pleased to announce the new repair and maintenance service for Maserati. With this new service, Maserati car owners can easily find a solution from our long list of services including repairs and maintenance, new warranty inspections and an online search for all manufacturers recalls, source and parts provision. Every client when coming to our shop is treated with the same top quality automotive repair service.”

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Pro Desks Announces New Police Laptop Mount For Dodge Charger Cars

September 23, 2014 AutomotiveMobile Computing

dodge charger laptop mountTuesday, Sep 23rd, 2014 - Pro Desks, a sub-division of Uppgroup, today announces the launch of Mongoose, a product especially designed for Dodge Charger police cars.

The new Dodge Charger Mongoose was designed to fit any Dodge Charger car models 2011-2014. The product is believed to have more advanced features than any other vehicle laptop mounts for Dodge Charger on the market.

The Dodge Charger Mongoose fits every laptop size currently available, including the 17 inch wide screen. The whole system is made of rugged steel and is power coated. The well-selected material brings an impressive powerful look for every component of the system. The product was designed with Dodge Charger car in mind.
"Pro Desks today is a very different company compared with it a few years ago. We have

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Pro Desks Announce New Laptop Mounting Products Designed To Fit Ford Crown Victoria

September 12, 2014 AutomotiveMobile Computing

ford crown vic laptop mountFriday, September 12th, 2014, Grand Fork, B.C. - Pro Desks are pleased to announce the new laptop mounting systems specifically designed to fit Ford Crown Victoria.

The online laptop mount provider Pro Desks today announced the worldwide release of their new laptop desks including Crown Vic Enforcer II, Crown Vic Dominator and Crown Vic Mongoose. The three laptop desks were built with Crow Vic features in mind.

"Ford Crown Vic owners have been looking for efficient, durable, affordable laptop stands and today we've responded by launching our three new modern laptop mount models specifically designed for Ford Crown Vic. We have strived to give our customers the best possible experience using laptop in a Crown Vic."

Designed For Police Use


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Uppgroup Launches New Website For Avant-garde Limousine Services (AGLS)

September 2, 2014 AutomotiveLimo Rental Service

limo hire cars chauffeur driven albertaMonday, September 01st, 2014 - Uppgroup Inc. today launched a completely new website for their client Avant-garde Limousine Services (AGLS).

Avant-garde Limousine Services, located in Red Deer, Alberta, provide premium sedan limousine service. AGLS has recently teamed up with Uppgroup Inc. to market and bring their limousine services closer to more clients in and around Central Alberta.

The new site was built as part of Uppgroup advanced online marketing campaign specifically built for AGLS. The site showcases a modern look and was built with SEO in mind. New site features a limo service photo slideshow, company bio, service info and company contact details. The new site showcases the slogan AGLS adopted - “Don’t get taken for a ride... experience

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