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New MARINE CRANES Website for Drive Products

October 9, 2014 BIGMAX Cranes

marine cranesDrive Products has just announced the launch of two new lines of Marine Cranes.

These hydraulic marine cranes are available in two complementary lines:

1) The BIGMAX mono-boom telescopic cranes are smaller and less expensive, while still offering the features that make them suitable for exposure to corrosive ocean conditions and harsh marine weather.

2) The Amco Veba articulated cranes are larger and have a longer reach, the benefit of additional boom articulation and a higher lift capacity.

Drive Products’s staff are marine specialists and have been supplying cranes to the marine industry since 1990. Both brands of marine cranes are excellent choices for cargo handling or workboats in a wide variety of applications including:

the Canadian Coast Guard
the Department of

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Choosing The Right Hydraulic Outrigger Stabilizer For Custom Applications

March 25, 2014 BIGMAX Cranes


This article describes the various types of hydraulic outrigger stabilizers, how they are used, and the steps an OEM buyer needs to follow to select the right stabilizer for their particular custom application.

The article will be of interest to OEMS who want to buy stabilizers ‘off the shelf’ rather than manufacture their own. BIGMAX products are used by OEMs who build heavy duty equipment such as rock crushers; as well as by companies who design, build and sell service cranes and medium duty equipment such as mobile sign trucks.

The article will also be useful for fleet managers who are either looking for stabilizers for new mobile equipment or are upgrading stabilizers to meet more stringent stability requirements and standards.


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Drive Products Announces Two New Lines of Marine Cranes

March 3, 2014 BIGMAX Cranes

technocrane marine cranesDrive Products has announced the launch of two new lines of marine cranes to be distributed through the North, Central and South American market. BIGMAX telescopic cranes and Amco Veba articulated (knuckleboom) cranes can be used for cargo handling or on workboats used in various industries from coastal transportation and commercial fishing, to aquaculture and towing.

A representative of Drive Products says “The BIGMAX and Amco Veba marine cranes have many excellent features not typically found in the under 40 tonne/meter class. These features include a rugged oil bath rotation system, dual rack and pinion slewing, standup pedestal controls, and three levels of marinization. In addition, both the BIGMAX and the Amco Veba marine cranes have heavy duty lift cylinders similar to those

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Affordable Wireless Controls For BIGMAX Articulated Cranes

February 14, 2014 BIGMAX Cranes

Drive Products now offers a reliable, versatile and affordable wireless remote control system suitable for small mono-boom and articulated cranes with low volume hydraulic systems.  New BIGMAX cranes from Drive Products’s stock can now be shipped with wireless controls. In addition, BIGMAX cranes currently in service with manual controls can now be economically retrofitted with wireless controls.

Wireless (radio) controls have been well accepted over the last 20 years on most large articulated cranes. However, most of the smaller mono-boom cranes (ie. less than 4 t/m) have been manually operated using the hydraulic control valve on the crane.

Wireless controls have been slow to be accepted for smaller cranes for several reasons:

While inconvenient, an operator of a small crane

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40’ Container of BIGMAX Cranes Just Arrived

October 11, 2013 BIGMAX Cranes

OCTOBER 7, 2013

Drive Products is pleased to announce the arrival of their latest 40’ container of BIGMAX cranes shipped direct from their factory in Italy.

BIGMAX TC-Series Cranes are compact and versatile with strong yet light-weight boom construction.  These cranes come in 7 models that can safely lift up to 5,300 pounds with hydraulic extensions up to 19.5 feet.

Drive Products now has over 80 cranes in-stock ready for immediate delivery.

The small telescopic cranes are rugged and easy to install and operate. The compact design means minimum mounting and stowage space required so they can be mounted on small trucks including flat bed trucks, service body trucks and

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Uppgroup Inc Announces New Marketing Phase For BIGMAX Outrigger Stablizers

July 22, 2013 BIGMAX Cranes

Cranes OutriggersBigMax Outrigger Stabilizers has worked with Uppgroup Inc. for many years; the new marketing phase for BigMax has been in progress on the Outriggers and Stabilizers they carry.

Throughout the years, BigMax Outrigger Stabilizer has been working with Uppgroup Inc. for the latest marketing phase for BigMax which has been progressing on the stabilizers and outriggers that are readily available at the website The task of Uppgroup Inc. is to actively work on the development of the online visibility, exposure as well as boosting the depth and scale of the visibility in the online market for both Technocrane and BigMax. At the present, Technocrane offers a variety of multi-purpose hydraulic outrigger stabilizers. With the increase on the online exposure, Uppgroup Inc.

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Uppgroup Inc. Announces Advanced Positioning Campaign For BigMax Cranes

February 22, 2013 BIGMAX Cranes

Uppgroup Inc. began work with Drive Products a number of years ago, developing their web presence, they have refined and worked with Uppgroup Inc. over the years.

February 20, 2013 - BigMax Cranes new website will serve as the main show case for the BigMax Crane Line up.
"Our compact TC Series telescopic cranes are versatile and can be mounted almost anywhere. They are used as a robotic arm by many of our OEM customers - our BIGMAX cranes are working in many different places around the world from the ice fields of Antarctica to the deserts of New Mexico." says Drive Products Representative.
BigMax Cranes maintains an extensive inventory of cranes and outriggers and can ship most orders from stock at factory direct prices. OEM's who wish to purchase larger

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