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New Pro Desks Laptop Desk Released for Nissan NV200 Van Models

August 9, 2016 CompanyMobile Computing

nissan nv200 van laptop deskThe Mongoose van laptop desk from Pro Desks is a perfect fit for 2016 Nissan NV200.

 Tuesday, August 09, 2016 - Grand Forks, BC – Nissan NV200 van owners who work on site will appreciate the features and engineering of the new Pro Desks Mongoose.

The Mongoose Nissan NV200 van laptop desk has become the flagship Pro Desks product, with excellent usability features in positioning, easy access to settings, stable mount system and top-of-the-line security.

Sporting a thick aluminum desktop and black powder coating, the Mongoose looks the part, as well
Merv Carlson of Pro Desks commented “The Mongoose is the most user-friendly, ergonomic desk on the market. It has the most features and fits everything from small tablets to ruggedized laptops, even 17 inch

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Pro Desks Releases New Mongoose Laptop Desk Base For 2016 Impala Police Vehicle

June 2, 2016 CompanyMobile Computing

chevy impala police vehicle laptop desk2016 Impala Police Vehicle models can now be upgraded to Pro Desks Mongoose vehicle laptop mount.

June 02, 2016 - Grand Forks, BC - When drivers need an "office-in-a-vehicle", the Pro Desks Mongoose laptop vehicle desk system provides all the best features in all the right places.

The Mongoose 2016 Impala laptop car mount is a feature powerhouse that has earned its place atop the Pro Desks product line with sturdy construction, easy to use adjustments and excellent security.

The Mongoose Impala Police Vehicle desk looks like a top-of-the-line showroom accessory, with a shiny aluminum surface and black powder coated accents.

The design sits squarely in the center of the Impala Police Vehicle cab without blocking the console and without interfering with passenger leg room. With

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Pro Desks Supports Rebuilding Efforts In Fort McMurray with Price Reduction On All Mobile Desk Systems

May 12, 2016 CompanyMobile Computing

Grand Forks, BC, 11/10/2016 - Pro Desks announced today that it would offer a 10% reduction in price on every desk they carry on the website that is going to be utilized in any way in rebuilding Fort McMurray and surrounding areas.
Pro Desks Founder Merv Carlson had this to say: “I feel for all the families up in Fort McMurray who have just began going through a long haul rebuilding from this fire. Many have lost everything. We had a major fire all around our location last year, we drive past burned out homes and know the devastation fire can cause. We were lucky last year our property was spared. I started out in the oil business back in the late 70’s in Alberta, spent a good portion of my life working the oil exploration business in Alberta and around North America. We

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Kamia Kennels is Proud to Announce a New Planned Litter of Swedish Elkhounds this Spring 2016

March 31, 2016 CompanyNorwegian Elkhounds

swedish elkhoundKamia Kennels is the premier breeder in Canada for Swedish and Norwegian Elkhounds.

Kamia Kennels is the premier breeder in Canada for Swedish and Norwegian Elkhounds. As Canada’s only breeder of Swedish Elkhounds, this new planned litter is very exciting. Rico, a big young Jamthund will make a perfect mate for Kalia, a stunning big Swedish female at Kamia Kennels.

Rico is a full Jamthund male that was born in Finland. He has a heritage that dates back to the earliest of times with the Elkhound. Rico is an awesome hunting dog. He has all the best that can be found in ancient Jamthund dogs. He is calm, steady, easy going and has a ton of stamina. Put him into the bush and you'll be impressed at his incredible hunting skills. He is an extremely good male, a perfect mate for Kalia.

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Truck Desk Is Excited To Launch New Website

December 14, 2015 CompanyMobile Computing

truck laptop computer deskTruck Desk, a division of Pro Desks, today announces the launch of their new website.

Truck Desk new website is packed with useful information and features for truck owners to explore. The new website content is displayed in widgets, providing better user experience on the whole.

Visitors are encouraged to visit and explore the new truck desk website to experience the new easy navigation, the simple yet fresh modern look of the website. The new Truck Desk website features a constantly updated blog section which is ideally located at the bottom right of the site. In this blog section Truck Desk editor team work hard to provide the most updated reviews as well as information about mobile computing market in general and truck laptop desk products in specific.

"If you're still

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Pro Desks Announces New Mongoose Laptop Desk For 2015 Nissan Titan Trucks

October 15, 2015 CompanyMobile Computing

suv laptop deskPro Desks, a truck laptop desk provider located in North America, today announces the Mongoose laptop desk model specifically designed to fit any 2015 Nissan Titan trucks.

New Pro Desks Mongoose was built with a Nissan Titan 2015 in mind; it perfectly fits this truck year model. The product features a locking adjustable top which can fit any laptop sizes. The shocking pads on the desktop prevents shocks and vibration on the road from damaging the laptop. The long term durability and performance of the desk comes directly from the unique heavy-duty aluminum top. The aluminum top features full locking capabilities, securing the laptop and preventing any quick theft.

Speaking to the media, Pro Desks President, Merv Carlson, had this to say: "We're delighted to introduce our new

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Uppgroup Inc. Announces New Cloud Server To Enhance Web Services For Clients

October 11, 2015 CompanyKeyword Technology

cloud server by uppgroup incUppgroup Inc., a Canadian-based web service provider, today announces new Cloud server aimed at the needs of providing better website hosting service for their clients.

Uppgroup Inc. is investing into the future of the web to enhance the service to their clients, making improvements in all online areas to enhance service, performance and reliability. The new storage solutions combined with the new bandwidth of the server allow websites to load faster while their clients' data always stay clean and healthy. Websites hosted on this new server can get better ranking considering the fact that page speed is also a ranking factor.

Using the new Cloud hosting service provided by Uppgroup Inc., clients get the following advantages:

Data is kept securely and can't be lost

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Uppgroup Announces New Kamia Kennels Website For Showcasing Norwegian Elkhounds Dogs

June 18, 2015 Company

kamia kennelsUppgroup Inc announces the launch of new Kamia Kennels website in a small press today. The new website focuses on providing training tips, information, photos and videos of the Norwegian Elkhounds.

Kamia Kennels, a division of Uppgroup Inc, is a company truly devoted to the advancement of the Elkhound. This British Columbia based company are dedicated to the breeding, care and promotion of the Norwegian Elkhounds dog breeds. The company recently offer to open up their facility to visitors. Kamia Kennels are a group of responsible breeders who are devoted to the continuation and improvement of the breed. The company are confident in the condition in which their animals are kept and the health of both their breeding dogs and puppies.
Merv Carlson, Kamia Kennels - Uppgroup President, had

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Pro Desks Announces Release Of New Law Enforcement Desk Fitting The New 2015 Ford Expedition

April 22, 2015 AutomotiveCompanyMobile Computing

2015 ford expedition suv laptop mountPro Desks, a leader in law enforcement desk manufacturing, today announced the release of its new Mongoose model, a perfect fit for the 2015 Ford Expedition.

The Mongoose, which also fits all 2007-2015 Expedition models, features a nearly-invincible adjustable arm, with multiple swivel points and a low-profile design, making it not just the toughest vehicle desk on the market, but also one of the best designed models in existence. With the Mongoose 2015 Ford Expedition SUV laptop desk, law enforcement officials can work quickly and efficiently on their laptop or mobile hardware without sacrificing too much room in the vehicle, and without worrying about breaking the unit.

The Mongoose’s slide action arm allows for nine full inches of travel, and is rotatable for a full 360 degrees

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Pro Desks Announces the New Mongoose Laptop Truck Desk for the Ford 2015 All Aluminum Body Trucks

April 1, 2015 AutomotiveCompanyMobile Computing

2015 F150 laptop truck deskWednesday, 01 April, 2015 - Pro Desks the leading truck laptop desk supplier has just announced that the brand new aluminum body Ford F 150 for the 2015 will have its best desk available, the Mongoose.

This new laptop truck desk by Pro Desks is on the leading edge of technology and mobile computing with an advanced custom designed base plate that fits the all new seat rail patterns of the new F 150. The Mongoose currently is the only mobile computing desk available to bolt into the new Fords with no modifications.

Mobile computing has just become much easier with the new Mongoose. This truck desk features height adjustability, it has a fully rotational pedestal, with the new gear lock mechanism with 15 degree adjustments. This new gear rotational device is the best in the industry,

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