Pro Desks Introduces a New Computer Desk For Motorhome

March 14, 2013 CompanyMobile Computing

computer desk motorhome

Uppgroup PR – Thursday, Mar 14th, 2013 Pro Desks company announces their latest computer desk which is especially designed for motorhomes. Sylvan Lake, Alberta, For Immediate Release.

Pro Desks is a well-reputed mobile computing provider. They have recently brought their most advanced mobile computing product into the market. This advanced computer desk is specifically designed for motorhomes. This product was manufactured using the most innovative technology in mobile computing industry.

For those who own a motorhome or RV, it is definitely important to bring along a laptop due to the functionality offered by the device. In case you are going to spend your vacation travelling along with your RV or motorhome, it is important that you can easily and conveniently use your laptop when needed.
This is the reason why you need a laptop stand or desk that can hold your laptop in place securely without worrying that it will slip or fall down the floor, particular when driving in rough roads and terrain. Aside from the stable base provided by a laptop stand or desk, it also prevents theft attempts due to the secure hold, maximizes the space and allows convenient use when needed. The solution is no other than the computer desk motorhome by Pro Desks.

With a computer desk motorhome by Pro Desks, it utilizes a system in which it is simply bolted to the seat rail bolts of the vehicle. It no longer entails any alterations or drilling anymore. The installation process is relatively simple and you can do it on your own, without any complicated instructions involved.

Sara Danes, Marketing Executive of Pro Desks, had this to say about the new mobile computing product for motorhomes: “Motorhomes and RV owners will be happy with this new computer desk. This laptop desk is made out of the most rugged material in the industry. You invest once, and you enjoy the comfort it brings for years”.

The best part about this laptop desk is that it can be easily tilted, swiveled or turned in order to position your laptop in the desired position for convenient and easy use. You are not stuck with just a single position with your laptop anymore. With the articulating arm, it enables you to move the desk from side to side, thus allowing the use of the laptop even if you are outside your vehicle. Rest assured that the articulating arm is made out of superior quality materials that can provide years of durability and functionality.

The main rod of the computer desk can be adjusted based on your needs. You have the option to position the desk up or down depending on your preferences. In case you are using a large laptop, such as the widescreen models, you can bring the arm up over the top in order to position it accordingly. You no longer need any special add-ons since it is guaranteed to cater to various needs and applications. For added protection to the laptop while traveling, there are shock pads that are responsible for absorbing bumps and impact.

The computer desk motorhome by Pro Desks will ensure years of rugged use. It can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another without any installation problems. Aside from personal use, this laptop desk was also designed for commercial rugged usage, particularly for professionals in the fields of construction and law enforcement. Additionally, consultants, long haul truckers and delivery vans will find this laptop desk very convenient.

For those who are traveling with their motorhome or RV, considering a laptop desk installation is a wise decision. The computer desk motorhome by Pro Desk is the best option due to the features it has to offer, especially the secure hold and the adjustable positioning for convenient and easy use of the laptop.

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