Uppgroup Inc Announces New Mobile Friendly Website For Showcasing Pro Desks Rolling Laptop Carts

October 25, 2016 Mobile Computing

rolling laptop carts

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 – Uppgroup Inc. today announces the launch of a new mobile-friendly website built to showcase the rolling laptop carts provided by its division Pro Desks.

Pro Desks, a mobile computing division of Uppgroup Inc., have been providing vehicle and office laptop computer mounting solutions for years. The new revamped website www.prodesks.com now focuses on featuring the two rolling laptop desks that Pro Desks provide.

The site prodesks.com was up online for a long time as a store showing all mobile computing products provided by Pro Desks. Recently the site has been redesigned to feature all about rolling laptop cart products only. The new website is packed with useful information, photos and features for customers to explore. With simple and clear navigation, high quality visual images, the site provides better user experience on the whole.

Pro Desks provide two rolling laptop cart models for users to choose: the Rolling Pro and Rolling Pro II. The two products were perfectly designed to fit the needs of customers working in various fields. Pro Desks have clients who purchased these rolling laptop desks working in hospitals, medical centers, dentist offices, repair shop, auto body shops, high-tech industries, warehouses, aerospace engineering and design.

Merv Carlson, Pro Desk President, had this to say: “We are very excited about the new site and aim to offer detailed description and genuine information on the two rolling laptop cart models available in our store.”

These rolling laptop carts are height adjustable and can be used standing as well as sitting. Both feature an ergonomic design, t-base with swivel casters for stability. Tapered basket is available.

The new Pro Desks website for showcasing the rolling laptop desks is highly interactive, easier to read and navigate through. The site comes with a modern responsive design, allowing mobile phone and tablet users to see the website as exactly the same beautiful as what desktop computer users do.

The website can easily be reached at www.prodesks.com.